Making Contact

Jean and I had no doubt that consciousness is eternal. It was one of the many convictions that we shared. We both had been married before we met (and subsequently divorced) so we were a bit wary about getting into a new relationship. Nonetheless, we discovered so much of ourselves reflected in each other that we needn’t have worried. We were both artists and both shared musical backgrounds. Jean was much the better musician. She attended Western New Mexico University on a music scholarship and played in the university’s jazz band. We both had played trumpet, but I was totally out-classed when she picked up her horn. She could wail.

Partly because of our shared philosophical and spiritual views, Jean and I were drawn to the study of quantum mechanics. This subject brought the role of consciousness and its relation to reality to the forefront. So when she passed less than two years ago, I didn’t hesitate to try to contact her. I formulated a kind of password that would be extremely unlikely to appear in my daily life. Years before we met, Jean had played the female lead in the musical Kismet. Nowadays, hardly anyone knows that such a musical exists or that it was a Broadway hit. I asked her to give me a sign that she was present and heard me by bringing to my attention any kind of reference to Kismet. That same evening, I was watching an interview with actor Kelsey Grammer on TV. The interviewer was asking Kelsey about his part in a recent film in which he played Herod. Near the end of the interview, the interviewer asked Kelsey how he believed he had gotten the part. Kelsey paused for a moment in thought and then said, “It must have been Kismet.”

Not long after that, Jean hacked into my smart phone. I had just returned from grocery shopping and had put the phone, which was turned off, into a back pocket while I gathered up the groceries. On an impulse, I said aloud, “Jean, I love you so much.” Almost immediately, a faint voice in my back pocket said, “I’m not sure what I heard.” Startled, or maybe stunned, I pulled out the phone and looked at it. It was now turned on and showed a text message version of the sentence I had just heard. I would have had to complete four steps in order to prepare the phone to receive any calls at all. The phone had not signaled me in any way. There was just the voicemail coming faintly from my back pocket. The message was typical of the kind of wry humor Jean favored. Naturally, I repeated what I had said. There’s no telling what she might have done if I hadn’t.

Obviously, Jean and I are continuing our relationship or, as she liked to say, “working for the cause”. I know that she is continually guiding me and sharing in my experiences. When I contact her now through a medium (one she picked out for me at an Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, she is able to bring me up to date about her activities. From my end (just a figure of speech), without the medium’s help, my connection with Jean is patchy at best. Often I can feel her presence or she will arrange a striking synchronicity for me, but clear conversation isn’t possible.

I know that when I write anything, she is my collaborator. She proved that in helping me write Disobliging Reality. She has told me specifically that I should have fun and adventures so that when I cross over, I will be able to share them with her on the Other Side. I always try my best for “the cause”.

Author: Frank Juszczyk

Frank Juszczyk was born in 1938 in Laredo, Texas, and grew up in various locations as the son of a military officer. He received a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1972 and taught at several universities, retiring from Western New Mexico University in 2004 as a Professor Emeritus. He began writing Our Gal Someday in the mid 1980s about the same time he had a very close encounter with a small UFO near Silver City, NM. Already interested in aspects of non-ordinary reality, he began to investigate the fascinating implications of quantum physics for a reconfiguration of what life is really about and what it could mean. Years later, during a brief dalliance with a life-threatening disease, he discovered Matrix Energetics and, along with his wife, Jean Siebenthal-Juszczyk, attended a number of seminars in one of which he encountered his own double, presumably from a parallel reality, who did not have the disease. His own condition soon vanished. He has been exploring the possibilities inherent in a reorientation of consciousness as a means of creating one's personal reality ever since. Frank and Jean created WAYVionics, an information resource for those interested in exploring non-ordinary, multi-dimensional reality. Frank is listed with LinkedIn and is a contributing author with The Belief Institute located in Newcastle, Australia.

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