Seeking IT

Back in the early ’70s (before I became quantified), I was trying to overcome depression caused by the end of my first marriage through the practice of martial arts. I discovered that when I was flying through the air following a Judo throw, I was not depressed. Hitting the mat without injury was a more compelling concern than what had happened to my marriage.

I then progressed through Goju-ryu karate and Chinese Kenpo before settling into a prolonged practice of Xingiquan Gong-fu (Form of Mind Chinese Boxing), earning a black sash in that art in 1992. The disciplined practice of these arts was revelatory on many levels, but primarily it concentrated my physical, mental, and emotional composure while within an outward state of combative turmoil. I could remain undistracted by determined attempts to beat the hell out of me. I had learned to use destructive chaos to my advantage.

Inevitably, I encountered IT. Bruce Lee talks about IT in his Tao of Jeet Kune Do. He says, “When you are completely aware, there is no space for a conception, a scheme, ‘the opponent and I’; there is complete abandonment.” That, I realized years later, was the essence of being in a quantum state. That is the act of getting out of your own way. That is allowing some awareness greater than your own to take charge, and so IT became the foundation of my consciousness, which I elaborate upon in my book, Disobliging Reality. IT is not some airy-faery concept that you fantasize about. IT is real in the most fundamental way. IT can save your ass when you are battling heavy odds. IT is the you that is greater than you.

We are brought up to believe that our brains, and by extension, our heads, contain our consciousness. This is crazy talk. Besides maintaining our sensory input and firing synapses that create a context for our consciousness, our brains filter the information that is bombarding us constantly so that we don’t go totally wacko. In effect, we are being kept in a state of practical ignorance. It’s a survival mechanism. Consciousness–the true consciousness–is even bigger than we can even begin to imagine. It is not created by our brains like some hormone secreted by a gland. In fact, it doesn’t depend upon the brain at all. It is non-localized, and our brain’s experience of it is just a localized version. Yet we can “go non-local” when we need to. We can actualize IT under the right circumstances.

The further revelation for me is that you don’t have to be in a state of crisis in order to activate IT. IT is always there; you’ve just been too distracted to allow IT to appear. Consensus reality (our shared group reality) obscures IT. IT is addictive. I got to the point that I eagerly sought occasions to spar because sparring increased the likelihood that I would experience IT. Now I know how to trigger IT without having to fight to get IT. Meditation promises IT, but you have to create the required state in which IT can appear. IT’s not that complicated. Disobliging Reality explains how to make IT your constant companion.


Martial arts prepared me for my enthusiastic acceptance of a quantum consciousness. In the 1970s, the word was only just coming out about quantum mechanics and how it changed our reality. It would take me another thirty years before I was presented with a convincing and coherent version of how to incorporate a quantum reality into my everyday life. That version is Matrix Energetics:


Author: Frank Juszczyk

Frank Juszczyk was born in 1938 in Laredo, Texas, and grew up in various locations as the son of a military officer. He received a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1972 and taught at several universities, retiring from Western New Mexico University in 2004 as a Professor Emeritus. He began writing Our Gal Someday in the mid 1980s about the same time he had a very close encounter with a small UFO near Silver City, NM. Already interested in aspects of non-ordinary reality, he began to investigate the fascinating implications of quantum physics for a reconfiguration of what life is really about and what it could mean. Years later, during a brief dalliance with a life-threatening disease, he discovered Matrix Energetics and, along with his wife, Jean Siebenthal-Juszczyk, attended a number of seminars in one of which he encountered his own double, presumably from a parallel reality, who did not have the disease. His own condition soon vanished. He has been exploring the possibilities inherent in a reorientation of consciousness as a means of creating one's personal reality ever since. Frank and Jean created WAYVionics, an information resource for those interested in exploring non-ordinary, multi-dimensional reality. Frank is listed with LinkedIn and is a contributing author with The Belief Institute located in Newcastle, Australia.

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