Our Enduring Attraction to Nonsense

It’s not that I’m “blogged-out”, it’s just that I’m not getting any “blog-back” to stimulate conversation. Nonetheless, I will press on.

I’ve been watching with intermittent interest the hysterical drama of the recent presidential election here in the U.S. For a while, I was entertaining the illusion that people were beginning to get some dim intuitions of an expanding awareness based upon key principles of quantum mechanics. I seem to be wrong in that assessment. People aren’t just as dumb as ever; they are dumber than ever. They are pouring enormous amounts of attention and emotion into the maintenance of colossal morphic fields that appear to validate their fear and anger. This is postponing any semblance of an expanding awareness that would elevate (as in attaining a higher frequency) their collective consciousness to a larger perspective. They are imagining monsters under their beds and reacting with terror and despair at the prospect of their imminent doom.

None of this is real, of course. They are still reacting to what they perceive as a solid reality under the disposition of cause and effect. This is “the sky is falling” syndrome. In effect, they are claiming that if they are scared, what is scaring them must be real. There doesn’t seem to be any way around this dynamic. I had been hoping for some encouraging signs of dawning realization before I pass on to the next world. Apparently, what I hope for has nothing to do with what other people think or do. We are all inevitably locked into our personal experiences of the reality we think is “out there”.

Do I really care? I guess that it is pointless to do so. Our culture urges us to enter this approximation of reality with the intention to “make the world a better place”. The assumptions implicit in this noble mission are that, first, the world has an objective existence separate from our own consciousness of it, and, second, that we can exert some kind of force or influence over the world that will produce an effect on it that we want. Both assumptions are illusions. The relative “reality” of the situation is that we are tasked with being who we are no matter what the circumstances in which we find ourselves. People who have had OBEs and NDEs assure us of this existential requirement. Yet this is practically the last thing that most people consider important.

What most people do is find a surrogate for who they have been led to believe they are, and try to become it in any way possible. Here’s the scenario: while still young, they are subjected to a storm of causes that they can embrace so as to “make things better”. They are encouraged to make the personal sacrifices necessary to further their cause of choice. This shows that they are not selfish and are committed to a “higher” purpose that will assure “the greater good”. They have chosen to be “selfless” and to further a noble purpose attuned to ensuring the welfare of others. It’s amazing how attractive this sort of nonsense can be. Granted, both the culture and the educational system promote it with a vengeance, so it takes some intransigence to resist its collective power.

Just “being who you are” is popularly considered a low and secondary aspiration that is of no benefit to anyone else and thus is to be actively discouraged. So what do we have? A society of drones, members of a Borg collective who are working in concert to assimilate all who retain some robust individual identity. Being who you are simply doesn’t make sense to the collective because its members can’t figure out what the cause/effect benefit could be.

It’s a matter of physics. We have been brought up to accept macro or classical principles of reality and although a new micro, quantum physics has emerged as the most successful scientific interpretation to date, most people are still kept in ignorance of its existence. The classical interpretation is the basis for a dualistic view of reality, which employs lines of force and cause and effect interactions to explain why everything is the way it appears to be. Even though quantum physics principles are employed to support one-third of our economy, they are never considered to have any relation to how we think or what it means to be alive.

Patterns have not replaced lines of force as agents of change or the impetus of processes. Nothing is ever considered capable of being in two places at the same time. “Reality” is still considered to be self-existent, independent of what our consciousness may interpret it to be. In fact, “reality” is considered to be an objective, solid entity that should determine how we ideally think and behave as in the expression, “get real”. Hardly anyone is aware that nothing exists until it is observed.

Quantum reality tells us to be who we are first and foremost because who we are determines the reality of what we will experience. You would think that this would be a very honest, obvious, and simple principle to accept, but it remains beyond most people’s capacity to integrate. We keep looking outside ourselves for the answers, for what will make everybody else happy so that we can be safe and secure and happy ourselves, but somehow we keep missing the trigger mechanism. It is ourselves, the necessity to be foremost who we are, trusting that that accomplishment will guarantee the well-being of the entire universe.


Author: Frank Juszczyk

Frank Juszczyk was born in 1938 in Laredo, Texas, and grew up in various locations as the son of a military officer. He received a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1972 and taught at several universities, retiring from Western New Mexico University in 2004 as a Professor Emeritus. He began writing Our Gal Someday in the mid 1980s about the same time he had a very close encounter with a small UFO near Silver City, NM. Already interested in aspects of non-ordinary reality, he began to investigate the fascinating implications of quantum physics for a reconfiguration of what life is really about and what it could mean. Years later, during a brief dalliance with a life-threatening disease, he discovered Matrix Energetics and, along with his wife, Jean Siebenthal-Juszczyk, attended a number of seminars in one of which he encountered his own double, presumably from a parallel reality, who did not have the disease. His own condition soon vanished. He has been exploring the possibilities inherent in a reorientation of consciousness as a means of creating one's personal reality ever since. Frank and Jean created WAYVionics, an information resource for those interested in exploring non-ordinary, multi-dimensional reality. Frank is listed with LinkedIn and is a contributing author with The Belief Institute located in Newcastle, Australia.

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