Our Gal Someday

Our Gal Someday: A Scalar Signature Western

Cover_galSomedayIt takes a master craftsman to weave the disparate themes of aliens among us, exploitation of open spaces in the West, a classic “fish out of water” tale, and the charming quirks of a small Western town into a coherent story, but Jusczyk does it admirably. If you have ever lived in the west, you’ll find some of the characters familiar. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. And if that isn’t enough, at the core of this story is how the main character, Curt Wick, comes to lose himself, find himself, and define himself. It’s not just a physical journey Wick makes from Wisconsin to New Mexico, he also travels a spiritual path, accompanied by companions at once delightful and intense. And by the way– this book is really witty and funny… you may find yourself laughing out loud, like I did. My one complaint about “Our Gal Someday” is that the chapters are very long. Fortunately, Jusczyk does stop to take a breath once in a while, so you can find a place for your bookmark. Frank Jusczyk asks the reader to look just a little more closely at who and what we are… while making us feel concurrently right at home and sometimes terribly lost in our own world. Available: amazon.com

– Review by Teri Toth





Disobliging Reality

now available, archway publishing

Disobliging Reality
Heckling the Sly Illusionist of the Here and Now

If you have already explored the intersection between modern physics and consciousness, through reading, documentaries, or attending workshops such as Matrix WP_DisobligingCoverEnergetics, Disobliging Reality is the next book you should read. An old hand at the “you create your own reality” concept, I still find myself stumped sometimes by the difficulties I have at unplugging from an experience I really don’t want to keep having, and generating something I want instead. Disobliging Reality had helped me to disentangle myself to the next degree from the “captivating lie of consensus reality” as Dr. Juszczyk puts it. He entices us into his delightful exploration saying, “If consensus reality is not as flat and predictable as it is incessantly shown to be, then unknown wonders may unfold beyond the tenuous limit of its prescribed yet arbitrary margins.”
–  From a Review by, Laura Ramnarace

Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D., is a professor emeritus of English at Western New Mexico University. He has spent more than a decade studying quantum physics and its inherent presence in traditional Chinese spiritual and philosophical thought. He is also the author of a novel titled Our Gal Someday: A Scalar Signature Western.