Resonatin’ Rhythm

I feel like babbling about resonance today. Going back into the nineteenth century, spiritual seekers talked about frequencies and vibrations determining one’s level of spiritual progress. The hippies picked this up in the sixties and talked of “good vibes” being the hallmark of a desirable state of being. The Beach Boys struck a responsive chord by singing of “picking up good vibrations”. The application of this concept became widely popular and as a result, a sloppy reference to anything that made you feel good. Actually, the concept is much more specific and an integral part of a tradition of spiritual development.

What we know now, thanks to reports by hundreds of mediums who have conversed with those of us who have crossed over into the afterlife, is that frequency vibrations reflect the quality of one’s consciousness both in this dimension and the next. The higher vibrations are much faster in resonance than the lower ones. That’s why we ordinarily can’t see what’s going on with our friends and relatives on the Other Side. The Other Side is a parallel universe that occupies the same location (not spatially, because space is an illusion) as the one we experience as physical reality. Because our frequency vibration is slower than that of the afterlife vibration, we inhabit a denser version of a thought-responsive reality than those of us who have crossed over.

When someone encounters a ghost, the ability of the ghost to walk through walls and float in space is due to our reality being less “real” than that in which the ghost exists. To the departed ones, it is our reality that is “ghostly”, not theirs. Our physical conditions do not obstruct a consciousness that is no longer physical. Our respective frequencies are out-of-phase and therefore do not have contact with each other unless those of the higher frequency slow their vibratory rate to match ours, or we raise our lower frequency to match theirs.

We can raise the vibratory rate of our own frequency by freeing our consciousnesses from limiting perceptions of who we are. In essence, we are immortal, powerful beings of light. But because we believe we are less than that and limited to what we believe to be an imperfect human state, we keep our physical vibratory frequency out-of-phase with our non-physical one. Emotions like anger, fear, guilt, envy, resentment, and frustration all contribute to slowing our vibratory frequency. Emotions like love, gratitude, trust, the appreciation of beauty, and a childish delight all raise our vibratory frequency more closely to that of those in the non-physical state. In other words, we begin to resonate with their reality. We walk between the worlds.

So there is something that we can change by ourselves, for ourselves. We just need to let go of being who we think we are as a result of education, conditioning, and programming by others, by our culture, and by inhibiting morphic fields created by group-think and collective versions of reality. It takes courage and a kind of recklessness to do this. The rewards, however, are limitless. We are limitless and deserve to know that beyond any shadow of a doubt.